Retreat Access and RULES

Murraguldrie Veterans Retreat

Tumbarumba Rd & Burngoogee Fire Rd
Murraguldrie State Forrest

New South Wales

Access on Request

Retreat Access

The retreat is not open access and entryis subject to approval. To arrange access to the retreat please contact the Visitor Coordinator 

David Abbott  0466 883 552.

A gate code will be issued at the time of booking confirmation, once issued the gate code you are able to access the retreat and available facilities. The gate code is changed regularly and must be obtained for each visit, please do not pass the code to others, this is a breach of the conditions to access the retreat and will result in you being asked to vacate and future access being denied.


Murraguldrie Veterans Retreat RULES FOR INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS

The Retreat is for the use of Ex-Serving members of the Australian Defence Force, Serving Members of the Australian Defence Force and escorted guests.

1. Adhere to fire restrictions (Fire ban is from November through to May).

2. Fires are only permitted in the fire rings adjacent to the Main shed, no fires are permitted at individual camp sites. All Fires are to be monitored and extinguish all fires before leaving Retreat. Parents with minors under 12 years of age are to supervise them around the fire.

3. Use water sparingly as we only have rain water. Turn off all taps when not in use and please use showers sparingly.

4. Leave Retreat clean and tidy.

5. Take all your rubbish with you.

6. Check that all locks - ablution and water tank - are LOCKED, and that the main gate lock tumblers are returned to zero setting.

7. No camping or driving on Parade Ground (this is the area between the main shed and the memorial Flag pole, surrounded by a log barrier.

8. There are some NO-GO AREAS - beyond Nursery Creek - Previous Bushfires have left areas unsafe, as burnt dead trees may fall without warning. Regardless of where you are in the Retreat watch out for falling branches and trip are in the bush now!

9. The Retreat has a maximum stay time of 7 days you must get approval from the committee for any extension over the 7 days

10. Adhere to any conditions or directions specified by the Committee.

11. Any organisation or large group is to provide a copy of their Public Liability to the VV South West NSW and Wagga Committee before using the Retreat.

  • Give the committee at least 1 months notice

12. Each visiting group will supply all their own equipment for camping and cooking, as well as the fuels required. If you have a 2. + KVA generator it will run all the camp lights & maybe a jug &/or toaster.

13. All damages to be reported to your contact person and must be paid for.

14. The “Donga Hut” is for the use of members and it must be left clean during and after use - Also no naked flame, fuel or generators etc. are to be used or stored in the hut, for safety reasons. Veterans, their family and friends only and MUST be accompanied by the Veteran at the time of visit or as determined by the committee.

 The retreat is maintained by veteran volunteers. All donations are gratefully accepted and can be left in the mailbox provided. We request that you consider an appropriate donation for the length of time you use the facility.


Any feedback you would like to leave can be placed in the Visitors book or emailed to


The committee has made a determination that:

"The retreat is for the inclusiveness of ALL veterans, While we support all Veterans and Veterans groups having access to the retreat, it is requested that groups using the retreat be mindful of other retreat users. Garments that may cause offence to other retreat users are to be removed, this includes Motorcycle Vests/Jackets displaying colours or hierchial patches, Team jumpers with offensive logos or slogans and items that may denegrade any specific Veteran or Veteran group.

If a situation makes others feel uncomfortable, we as a committee need to remove the irritation and return the status quo. It is not our intention to ban your organisational customs and traditions, but ask that you respect the intent of the Retreat that it is a safe place of solace and reflection for all Veterans and their families."

The Murraguldrie Veterans Retreat respect your individual rights as organisations to wear your garments, We simply ask that you respect the needs of others as well.

*******PLEASE NOTE******

  • FIRE BAN is no longer in place at the retreat, Fires must only be set in the fire rings at the main shed.
  • It has been reported to management that the ablutions are unable to obtain water, the committee is attempting to rectify this issue, toilets may still be flushed using a bucket of water from the kitchen tank, where possible limit the amount of flushing to solid mater only.



Retreat Managers: 

Les White        0428 226 097

Gene Cowin

Visit Co-ord: 

David Abbott  0466 883 552


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